Carry A Piece of Inspiration

Have another drink of Green Elixir...?

Have another drink of Green Elixir…?

This is a necklace I bought recently. I call it my “green elixir” necklace because it reminds me of the elixir in Wicked the musical. In fact, the very reason I bought it was to have a reference to my favourite musical that I could wear with me.

Wicked is one of my favourite musicals because of its interesting storyline underlined with strong, thought-provoking themes. It has fantastic musical numbers, ranging from fun to emotional. It has great character development for many characters – Elphaba being my favourite to watch change, grow and realise who she is throughout the story.

My necklace represents my love for Wicked. But it’s also more than that.

My “green elixir” necklace reminds me of everything I saw in Wicked that I want to achieve myself. The unbelievable creativity behind an enjoyable, show-stopping musical that I admired. The boundless energy in its performance that felt like it was fuelling me. And of course, the great depth in its writing, the story that I fell in love with.

In less eloquent wording: I loved it. I really loved it.

So yes, it represents my love for Wicked. But it also represents all the things I learned from it; the feelings I want to create, the energies I want to have and the stories I want to tell. Because I don’t just love something. I love it because it taught me something. I love it because it made me realise things.. and that’s how it captivated my heart.

Perhaps I’m coming off as a little obsessed… but it’s really no different to having something that simply makes you happy. This makes me happy and inspired :)

While I can’t say that everything I own has some inspiring meaning behind it, I do try my best. Anyone can do it. I chose an accessory I could wear because it feels more like a part of me, but it doesn’t have to be. A little poster. The wallpaper on your desktop. A song that plays on the morning alarm. It’s easy to surround yourself with little bits of inspiration.

Modern day life is so full of rush and hurry, sometimes our inner spark gets buried away deep inside us. That’s why it’s nice to have something you can look at and it all comes back out.

Not bad for a just little green bottle, eh? :)

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Thoughts From Sitting in a Coffee Shop Alone

A few weeks ago, I ventured into the city next door. I had plans to meet a friend there but because of train times, I would end up arriving much earlier than expected. I needed something to pass the time.

Short of standing still for 20-25 minutes or walking round the shops (which I planned to do later once my friend had arrived), I could only think of one other place. Sit around in a coffee shop.

I’d never sat solo in a coffee shop before but there was one place in particular I’d been wanting to visit. I decided to make that my pit stop. Many cafés do a good job with their interior design, don’t they? Cute decor, cosy seat layout, many even have comfy-looking sofas in the corner… it’s no wonder they look so inviting!

The queue was long. I noticed four, maybe five, other people apparently on their own and waiting in line. This was strangely comforting, knowing I wouldn’t look odd in a crowd full of groups.

I ordered. Sat down. Looked around and absorbed the atmosphere. And I wondered. Why hadn’t I done this before?

Of course, I know why. Reason 1: There’s never been any need for me to ever do it. Reason 2: I never knew sitting alone in a coffee shop was so socially acceptable. I mean, sit alone at a party or a bar and you’d look like the odd one out.

As I sipped my hot chocolate (it was a sweet tooth day :mrgreen: ), I took out my phone to type little notes. In between that, I looked up every so often to see what was happening around me. People staring out the window. Reading a newspaper. Chatting with friends. Working on a laptop. Or purely just enjoying their drink and relaxing.

It was interesting. Interesting to be surrounded by lots of other people yet still able to be in your own bubble. Alone but with people. Kind of like a library but with more background noise.

Speaking of which, the chatter of people’s conversations was kind of pleasant. It’s equivalent to putting on background noise while you work. Like a jumbled up buzz, without any distinct sounds, that somehow helps you concentrate or be more in tune with your thoughts.

Add to that the soothing smell of freshly brewed coffee/tea/hot chocolate/etc – it gives you the perfect environment to just be with your thoughts and think freely.

All of my previous coffee shop visits have been with friends, occasionally for serious studying, but mostly for a leisurely chat. Coffee and good conversation go hand in hand, it seems! But sitting by yourself is a whole new experience.

To be amongst the crowd but still be separate from it. A social setting where you can be on your own, looking at life from the outside whilst simultaneously being part of it. Being able to soak up the energy without getting exhausted by it.  I think this is what make coffee shops a magical place to sit and take a break. It’s kind of amazing.

As an exercise, it was probably pointless. As a small slice of life, I think it’s one to be relished :)

No wonder coffee shops are such popular places to retreat to. Now if I ever need to pass some time alone and there’s a cosy coffee shop nearby… you know where I’ll be! :)

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They Won’t Go Away

“When someone loves you – really loves you – you can tell them that you’re upset with them, you know. They won’t go away.”

- Mike Milligan, Tracy Beaker Returns


Today’s quote is a reminder that we should never suppress our feelings too much – because you know what happens when you shake a bottle of fizzy drink too much, right?

Remember, we’re all human. We feel things and when those feelings are strong, don’t ever hesitate to talk to someone. Talking is a powerful tool.

As a side note: here in the UK, the BBC have really stepped up their game with children’s drama programmes. Some of them are really quite emotional at points!

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Beagle Freedom Project

Good day, lovely readers!

In today’s post, I want to share a truly heartwarming video. Dog-lovers will particularly like this one, but I’m sure this could make everyone break out a smile :)

I’ve never seen dogs look so happy. My heart could not feel warmer right now! :)

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How The Doctor Taught Me Not To Judge So Quickly

Whovians! What does everyone think of our new Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi)?

I really like him! He seems much darker, serious, with a hardened edge, but hasn’t lost his silliness. He also seems much more aloof, kind of confused and a little less human, which is rather endearing.

But before he made his debut, there was a lot of commotion over him. A lot of “I don’t know about him” and “I’m not sure he’ll be very good” talk. And it made me think… this was exactly what happened when the Eleventh Doctor was announced.

Doctor Who hooked me in with a re-run of the Ninth Doctor’s (Christopher Eccleston) adventures. It took me that entire series  – watched in the wrong order – to truly reel me into the Who world, so I suppose my true ‘first’ Doctor was the Tenth (David Tennant). And as the series progressed, I grew truly attached.

So when the news broke that Ten was to regenerate into Eleven (Matt Smith), I didn’t know what to make of it. I was guilty of being a little sceptical. How could anyone be as good as Ten?

Many people were the same. They didn’t believe Eleven could be anywhere near as good as Ten. Ten was the best. Ten is the only real Doctor. Ten Ten Ten Ten Ten.

But one friend had a different opinion entirely. “Why is everyone judging him so badly? We haven’t seen what he can do yet!”

It was true. We haven’t seen him in action yet. We don’t even know that much about him other than what he looks like. Is that really enough to make a fair judgement? The answer was simple. No. No, it’s not.

When the time came for Eleven to make his debut, he completely won me over. It wasn’t long before I became attached to this new Doctor. He was different but I ended up liking him just as much as the previous.

So by the time it was announced the Twelfth Doctor was coming soon, I’d learned my lesson. Don’t judge when we know nothing about them. Give them a chance. They might surprise you.

And lo and behold, although even more of a change compared to the previous, I’ve already grown attached to Twelve. :)

It makes me wonder whether the fans of the classic series ever went through these phases everytime the Doctor regenerated. And if they did, did they learn? Will they ever?

Well, I for one, have learned :)

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Try, Fail, Try, Fail

“You try. You fail. You try. You fail. But the only true failure is when you stop trying.”

- Madame Leota, The Haunted Mansion


I confess. I didn’t watch the whole film. I just caught some of it on TV :mrgreen:

But I really liked this quote.

If you really want something that much, you owe it to yourself to keep trying. The road is not always going to be easy. You’ll stumble and fall a few times. But if reaching the end of the path is what you truly want, you know what you need to do. Pick yourself back up and wipe the dust off your shirt. March forward.

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The Magic of Languages

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone in the world spoke the same language?”

That’s what I used to think. It would break down all sorts of barriers. It would unite us all. Every single person sharing one universal language. We could travel wherever we wanted and have no trouble communicating with whoever we wanted.

But that was before. Before I met fascinating people around the world and got involved with events celebrating our multi-cultural world. I eventually realised how infinitely interesting and diverse languages really were.

Today, I share with you five reasons why learning a new language can be magical:

1. It’s a way of instantly connecting.

My first lesson that life taught me about languages. The language barrier that existed there previously? You can well and truly tear that down now.

I’m not entirely sure why it is and it’s only happened a handful of times to me, so I don’t have enough evidence to make a firm conclusion. But I think it’s like when you meet someone and find out you have something in common. Not just a casual interest, but something much deeper. Something connected to your heart, almost. To know you both speak the same language sparks an instant connection.

2. It helps us learn just how intricate wording can be.

I sometimes struggle to say what I want in English, let alone another language!

One of the great things about languages is the phrasing. In each language, the words are strung together in a different way to convey a certain message. Some languages have multiple words for the same thing whereas others are missing entirely, or have their own unique words which can’t neccesarily be translated.

It’s for this very reason that I’m known for watching the same series three times over. I like to know how the dialogue is phrased in another language. (Also useful for picking up new words!)

Because of each language’s intricate phrasing system, this is the exact reason why machine translating doesn’t always work (and can sometimes have hilarious consequences).

3. It can make us appreciate how beautiful a language is.

This is in addition to number 2, each language is beautiful because of how different it is. Personally, I love how they have their own unique sound.

For example, I love that in Cantonese, I can sound like a cartoon and it isn’t weird. (Before this, I’d never really noticed how exaggerated we would sound if we ever spoke English just like English-language cartoons in real life.)

I love the soft purring ‘r’ sound in French that I can never hit and how cute the word ‘pamplemousse’ is.

Something about the Japanese language sounds kind of adorable and the German word ‘Schmetterling’ makes butterflies sound so much cooler. :mrgreen:

4. It opens up new doors.

A positive side-effect caused by point number 1 is that you can make new friends. Other ideas are new job opportunities and travel opportunities.

Travel is a good one. Visiting a country abroad will always be a great experience, but it’s even greater when you can speak a little of the language. Even if it’s only a few phrases. There’s something really heart-warming about being able to buy your own breakfast at a local market, speaking in the local language – you start to feel part of a new world.

To immerse yourself into a language, and by extension the culture, is a truly rewarding experience.

Or if nothing else, it allows you to watch your favourite TV show dubbed in a new language :D

5. It can unite us all.

Sometimes languages hinder us in that we can’t speak comfortably with another person, for fear they won’t understand. So it’s a nice, welcoming feeling when you can both converse together comfortably.

Even if you’re not perfect at that language, it doesn’t take away any of the magic. The effort in trying still counts. It’s really a perfect way for us to come out of our own bubbles and explore what’s out there :)


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