If I Got Locked Away… Would You Still Love Me The Same?

Locked Away

Another quick scribbly don’t-think-too-much drawing! This one is based on the song Locked Away by R City feat. Adam Levine.

(Can you spot the stray pencil lines?)

My first thought was “wow, this is quite catchy!” swiftly followed by “the chorus sounds like something a villain/anti-hero would sing…”

A few notes about this picture:

    • The two shades of purple – as worn by Missy and the Joker – were produced using the same pen! Missy’s purple was made darker by adding strokes of black over the top.
      • Apparently purple is all the rage for evil-doers right now.
    • The Doctor’s grey trousers uses the same black pen as his shoes… just with sparser lines.
    • Missy was the fastest to draw.
    • The hardest was the Doctor’s hair… and Missy’s hair actually.
    • Harley Quinn’s pose was my favourite to draw.
      • Her hair is really cute!
    • In retrospect, I could have left the Joker’s lips just red – without black outline.
    • I wanted to draw Loki but it felt mean to draw him without somebody on the other side of the bars.

The idea came to me while I was driving home and the song came on the radio. Inspiration can strike any place, any time!

Loveable villains of the fictional universe, this one is for you!

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I Can’t Feel My Face When I’m With You… But I Love It

Can't Feel My Face

Hello! It’s been a while (again)! Today I thought I’d share with you a quick sketch inspired by a catchy song I’m sure you’ve heard of. :P (I know I’m not the first person to make the dentist observation about this song.)

I’ve been working on a few projects lately and sometimes I get caught up in making everything absolutely perfect. To combat this obsession with perfection, every so often I allow myself to draw a very quick, very scribbly drawing. One which I don’t take seriously at all. One where it’s okay if it’s complete rubbish. One where the objective is to simply finish the picture.

The only rules are: if you mess up, improvise; if you’re not sure, go for it anyway and see what happens; and finally, no matter how many mistakes, finish the picture!

Editing after scanning is kept to a minimum. Skin tones are added in (because I don’t have any appropriate pens to do otherwise), colours adjusted slightly for nicer viewing on a screen, and some pencil marks erased (though I actually missed some!)

I probably still spent longer than I should’ve done… but it was nice not to worry excessively over every detail. Next time I’ll give myself a time limit!

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Piece Of Our Heart

I’ve been saving this for a future chapter of the online graphic novel series that I’m working on. But seeing as the series is taking me a thousand years to write/draw :mrgreen: I’ve decided I will share it here for you to see (along with some scribbly illustrations because who doesn’t like pictures?).

Call it a sneaky really-early-first-peek, if you will. :)

It’s an idea that I’ve kept for a couple of years and one that’s close to my heart. It’s also one I think many others can resonate with.


Heart1 Heart2 Heart3 Heart4 Heart5 Heart6 Heart7 Heart8 Heart9 Heart10 Heart11 Heart12 Heart13 Heart14 Heart15 Heart16 Heart17 Heart18 Heart19 Heart20 Heart21 Heart22 Heart23 Heart24 Heart25 Heart26 Heart27 Heart28 Heart29 Heart30 Heart31 Heart32

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A Free Birthday Email + Why Growing Up Isn’t So Scary

Heart Cupcake“Being young again is good… but having a long life is not bad either.” – Seiji Matsunaga, Love So Life


My day job is a rookie probably-not-rookie-level-anymore software developer. I feel lucky that our office is full of many fun and friendly characters.

Whenever it’s someone’s birthday, it’s common for them to bring in celebratory cakes and snacks for everyone. Everyone is informed via email. When it’s my turn, I like to make my emails fun if I can.

It’s my birthday over the weekend. I think that means I get to level up. I might even learn a new move! But I’d have to delete one first since I’m only allowed four…

Unfortunately, I wasn’t brave enough to email the entire building with that and ended up with something a little subtler! So please feel free to use it for yourself – I don’t want the idea to go to waste :)

Growing up is a weird thing. As a kid, we’re all so desperate to grow up and yet it felt like it would never come. In our minds, we imagined having everything figured out.

Then when we get there, we realise that we haven’t got everything figured out yet. There’s still an awful lot we don’t know. Even more concerning, we begin to feel less sure about ourselves. We wonder how that’s even possible, how could we not know ourselves when we ARE ourselves.

I think that’s what makes it a little frightening. Another year has come to pass and we still don’t know everything. We end up with more questions. We fight with ourselves. We discover that we don’t know all the answers and neither does anyone else… and if that’s the case, then who are we supposed to ask?

I confess, I spent a couple of years of feeling insecure about it. But I eventually came to this conclusion. Maybe I won’t get to know everything. But the excitement comes from the journey of finding out.

I know, I know – that word “journey” – it sounds like another old cliché. But every year that passes by, I like to remember all the things I’d learned in the year that has just gone. I think of all the mistakes and hardships, the ups and the downs. And if I learned even one tiny thing from each experience, then it was all worth it. Life is about character-building and soul-finding. We have learned so much and have plenty left to learn.

Like in the email, we should think about all the experience we’ve gained. A year’s worth of learning and figuring out stuff. I ‘level up’ and look forward to ‘leveling up’ even more.

If time-travel were possible and I were able to meet with myself from one year ago, I want to be able to say: Good work. You did great this year.

There’s still a lot out there that we don’t know. Part of the adventure is finding out. I admit, growing up is still a little scary, but I’m not afraid of it – if anything, I’m a little excited :)

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A Good Life Isn’t Always Neat and Tidy

You Are Dreamy

You are the type of person who often has your head in the clouds, and you see no reason to come down to earth.
You are very creative and expressive. You’re the type to make something a little more artistic just because you can!

You aren’t afraid to make a mess, especially if it’s in the name of art or dessert. A good life isn’t always neat and tidy.
You embrace sweetness, and you never think twice before treating yourself. You like every day to be a little whimsical and special.


There’s a great website called Blogthings which has a host of interesting, fun personality quizzes to take. It’s fun to see how accurate the results are. Sometimes you even learn a little something about yourself, giving you that I didn’t realise that about myself but actually, it’s kinda true! moment.

Of course, there are times where they aren’t quite so accurate. (I’ve taken a few where the result did not match me at all!) But aside from all the fun, they’re also a nice tool for opening the mind.

For example, I took the above quiz ‘What’s Your Dessert Personality?’ which was a really simple one-question quiz. Not something I intended on taking too seriously. The result, I feel, reflected me quite well but what really caught my attention was the third paragraph:

You aren’t afraid to make a mess, especially if it’s in the name of art or dessert. A good life isn’t always neat and tidy.

I liked the sound of it. It doesn’t just apply to art but also to life.

Don’t think too hard.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Don’t be afraid to be imperfect.

Dive in without fear. Be messy. Explore, experiment, and learn. Being messy can be a good way to figure things out. You can work out the finer details along the way (sometimes they even work themselves out!)


Be sure to check out Blogthings when you have spare time (but beware, it’s easy to get addicted to quiz taking!) :mrgreen:

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Be More Dog Walker

Be More Dog Walker

Story time: One day, the house runs out of milk. I walk to the corner shop. It’s a short walk, peaceful too since the area is quiet. I like this route because I get to walk past a really pretty cherry blossom tree. When it’s windy, the blossom petals fall gracefully to the ground. Sometimes I pretend I’m in a dramatic scene from a Japanese anime as I walk through the falling petals because that’s not at all ridiculous– ahem… continuing on… :mrgreen:

As I’m walking, I cross paths with someone walking their dog. They say “good morning.” I say “good morning” back and we continue on our way. The end.

Okay, not quite the end. There is a point to this story :)

It was nothing major; just a simple hello. It’s a little silly but when things like this happen, I always feel warm and happy.

But it’s also a rare occurrence.

It shouldn’t be that strange to acknowledge each other if we walk past. Thinking about it, it’s strange that many of us don’t and we play “pretend-ignore.”

This wasn’t in a busy shopping centre. This was in the local neighbourhood. Why would it be so strange to greet our neighbours?

It’s a rare occurence normally. But it seems a lot more common when there’s a dog walker around. Whenever I’m out roaming the neighbourhood, 99% of the time I’ll come across a dog walker. And 99% of the time, they’ll greet me.

It brightens the day. It brightens my mood. It makes me feel a little more connected to the community.

We all live on the same Earth. We all have the ability to make this world a little more connected.

Conclusion: I think we should all be more like these dog walkers. :)


Note: For those living outside the UK or anyone who hasn’t seen the advert, the title of this post is a reference to O2’s latest advertising campaign: Be More Dog.

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Strangers Are Just Friends You Haven’t Met Yet

Girl and Bricks

I have a secret,
I’ve been hiding,
Under my skin…

Not-really-needed-but-I-like-the-song Mr Roboto references aside…

Subconsciously, I have been a little afraid of people.

I don’t recall having always been this way. In first school, I talked to anyone. I loved to talk to other kids about Pokémon  and to teachers about the newest things I had learned from last night’s edu-tainment TV programme.

Somewhere during middle school, that changed. I don’t remember specifically why or what caused it – it kind of just happened. During high school, I started building barriers and experience had turned into a very wary person.

I got better over time. Sixth form and university were times where I met some great people who helped me to slowly pull those barriers away.

Today, I want to write about one more lesson I learned from my trip to China. A lesson which helped to finally demolish those walls.

One amazing thing about being miles away from home for a few weeks. You feel a little more free. A little more brave. More willing to try things.

So I tried speaking to strangers a little more.

I didn’t do anything huge, I didn’t launch myself into a deep conversation with the nearest bystander. Just small acts, casual conversation. The city I stayed in had a very close community. People talked to each other like they’d known them forever, even if it was really the first time.

Small talk didn’t feel obligatory. Jokes were shared and every laugh felt genuine. And you know what? I finally learned that people aren’t that scary.

Back home, I decided to be less afraid. I chose to become a little more open. My friends helped me to start tearing down these barriers – and now it was my turn to finish the job.

Every interaction I make has a little more heart. A little more eye contact, a little more sincerity. I don’t know how else to explain – there’s more “I-may-not-know-you-well-but-I’m-talking-to-you-like-I-mean it-anyway.” Not everyone is receptive to such behaviour, but I’ve found that the majority are.

All our friends were strangers at one point. Let’s think about that.

I think this was a case of catterpillar-cocoon-butterfly. I started out as a catterpillar, slowly cocooned myself away but eventually emerged into a almost-butterfly*. I don’t think I’m quite a butterfly just yet*. :mrgreen:

Admittedly, there are still a few bricks left… but I’m happy to say most of the wall is gone now :)

All that’s left to say is domo arigato!.. Thank you for allowing me to learn this lesson :)

(*But if we were talking Pokémon terms, then I’d totally be happy with calling myself a Butterfree. :mrgreen:)

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