As Long As You Don’t Consider It A Waste

“Every time you fall down or take the wrong path, it isn’t wasted. As long as you don’t consider it a waste.” – Kyoko Honda, Fruits Basket


Whilst I admit “everything happens for a reason” can be cliché and often times untrue – sometimes things are merely coincidence after all – I do believe that we can learn from everything that happens. Make a reason out of it.

I don’t mean that we should find ‘why’ such a thing occurred. Just that we accept it has happened and hopefully find something to take away from it.

When someone makes a mistake, they may say “I shouldn’t have done that. What a waste of time” or even “Why did I do that? Why couldn’t I have done something else?”

It’s impossible to stop ourselves asking the “what if” questions. But we should accept that it happened. You can’t reverse time. Instead, let your feelings be, learn from it and move forward knowing you have new knowledge.

Life doesn’t always go according to plan – but everything that happens shapes us into who we are today and who we will become :)

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Welcome 2016!

Another year, another round of fireworks and a bit of Auld Lang Syne! (Extra points if you know ALL the words!)

Just a quick post to wish you all Happy New Year! Know that I send you many happy returns and offer you a “cheers” whilst lifting my virtual cup of kindness to you! Hoorah!

See you all in the New Year :)

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Two Hearts, Doctor?

Christmas is coming! And as with every Christmas, apart from the delicious food and warm company, I look forward to the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

So here’s a tribute!

Two Hearts - Astrid and the Doctor

Yes, it’s another scribbly, quick, just-do-it drawing! With the exception of adding dialogue, I chose not to do any digital editing this time.

Whovians should hopefully recognise our lovely Tenth Doctor. To the left, one-time companion Astrid (played by Kylie Minogue) who appeared in the Christmas Special ‘Voyage of the Damned.’

Astrid is singing lyrics from the song 2 Hearts. This song was released by Kylie Minogue on the 9th November 2007. A month and a bit later, Voyage of the Damned aired on Christmas Day.

The Doctor is a Time Lord, an alien species with two hearts.

So naturally… in my head, it sounded like the song was meant for the Doctor.

Some notes:

  • I personally think Astrid is drawn better than Ten. His hair was quite troublesome!
  • The badly erased pencil marks were from when I couldn’t decide where Ten’s arms should be :)
  • Astrid’s dress was the most fun to draw.
  • As was her pose.
  • As you can see, black was the primary colour in this drawing :)

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas! :)

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Become Someone Who Takes Responsibility…

“While you don’t have to become an “adult”, try to become someone who takes responsibility for your own words and actions… though that’s probably even more difficult…” – Mayuko Shiraki, Fruits Basket


This quote made me stop and think. (Quite literally. People were wondering why I was staring at the same page for the last 10 minutes… did I really read that slow? :P)

When you enter adulthood, you do not automatically become a responsible person.

Growing into an adult is easy. Because adulthood is defined as a certain age or the amount of time that has passed. This is something that can’t be controlled and is inevitable.

Being responsible can be difficult. It isn’t something that happens as you wait. There is no outside force which makes it happen automatically. You have to make the effort to grow and learn.

Being responsible means accepting that you have full control over your actions and responses. It means if you make a mistake, you acknowledge it. It means you don’t blame others or external factors for how you are. It means, despite life throwing things at us which we can’t control, you accept that you still have the ability to take life by the reins and navigate it whichever way you wish… or not even navigate at all.

It’s easy to enter adulthood. But accepting full responsibility for ourselves… that’s a little harder.

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If I Got Locked Away… Would You Still Love Me The Same?

Locked Away

Another quick scribbly don’t-think-too-much drawing! This one is based on the song Locked Away by R City feat. Adam Levine.

(Can you spot the stray pencil lines?)

My first thought was “wow, this is quite catchy!” swiftly followed by “the chorus sounds like something a villain/anti-hero would sing…”

A few notes about this picture:

    • The two shades of purple – as worn by Missy and the Joker – were produced using the same pen! Missy’s purple was made darker by adding strokes of black over the top.
      • Apparently purple is all the rage for evil-doers right now.
    • The Doctor’s grey trousers uses the same black pen as his shoes… just with sparser lines.
    • Missy was the fastest to draw.
    • The hardest was the Doctor’s hair… and Missy’s hair actually.
    • Harley Quinn’s pose was my favourite to draw.
      • Her hair is really cute!
    • In retrospect, I could have left the Joker’s lips just red – without black outline.
    • I wanted to draw Loki but it felt mean to draw him without somebody on the other side of the bars.

The idea came to me while I was driving home and the song came on the radio. Inspiration can strike any place, any time!

Loveable villains of the fictional universe, this one is for you!

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I Can’t Feel My Face When I’m With You… But I Love It

Can't Feel My Face

Hello! It’s been a while (again)! Today I thought I’d share with you a quick sketch inspired by a catchy song I’m sure you’ve heard of. :P (I know I’m not the first person to make the dentist observation about this song.)

I’ve been working on a few projects lately and sometimes I get caught up in making everything absolutely perfect. To combat this obsession with perfection, every so often I allow myself to draw a very quick, very scribbly drawing. One which I don’t take seriously at all. One where it’s okay if it’s complete rubbish. One where the objective is to simply finish the picture.

The only rules are: if you mess up, improvise; if you’re not sure, go for it anyway and see what happens; and finally, no matter how many mistakes, finish the picture!

Editing after scanning is kept to a minimum. Skin tones are added in (because I don’t have any appropriate pens to do otherwise), colours adjusted slightly for nicer viewing on a screen, and some pencil marks erased (though I actually missed some!)

I probably still spent longer than I should’ve done… but it was nice not to worry excessively over every detail. Next time I’ll give myself a time limit!

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Piece Of Our Heart

I’ve been saving this for a future chapter of the online graphic novel series that I’m working on. But seeing as the series is taking me a thousand years to write/draw :mrgreen: I’ve decided I will share it here for you to see (along with some scribbly illustrations because who doesn’t like pictures?).

Call it a sneaky really-early-first-peek, if you will. :)

It’s an idea that I’ve kept for a couple of years and one that’s close to my heart. It’s also one I think many others can resonate with.


Heart1 Heart2 Heart3 Heart4 Heart5 Heart6 Heart7 Heart8 Heart9 Heart10 Heart11 Heart12 Heart13 Heart14 Heart15 Heart16 Heart17 Heart18 Heart19 Heart20 Heart21 Heart22 Heart23 Heart24 Heart25 Heart26 Heart27 Heart28 Heart29 Heart30 Heart31 Heart32

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